A  two-wheeler insurance passenger cover safeguards your vehicle against unexpected threats.

It covers you financially if your bike is destroyed due to a man-made or natural disaster, or if it is stolen. In India, basic third-party insurance is required, providing coverage for damages, death, or disability caused to a third party or property. Aside from third-party insurance, owner-riders must also purchase personal accident insurance, which provides coverage in the event of physical injury, permanent disability, or death caused by an accident. The owner-rider is covered by personal accident insurance up to Rs. 15 lakh. But have you ever considered the pillion rider? How would you protect your co-passenger in the event of an accident or other occurrence while riding the bike? The solution is straightforward: acquire a passenger cover.

Passenger insurance is an add-on that can be acquired in addition to a complete bike insurance policy for an extra fee.

What exactly is passenger coverage?

A passenger cover is an optional extra that you may buy to protect the person sitting behind you on the bike. It protects the co-passenger from injury or death caused by an accident or catastrophe. This coverage is available by paying an extra premium in addition to your regular comprehensive insurance. Because the passenger cover covers the pillion, it is essential that you get this cover and ride safely.

Passenger cover characteristics

The benefits of passenger insurance are listed below.

  • It is available by paying an extra premium in addition to a comprehensive or basic automobile coverage.
  • It protects the pillion from accidental death and permanent injury.
  • The insurance company will pay for the passenger’s injuries, thus you are not obligated to pay for the passenger’s damages.

Who should get passenger insurance?

It is critical that every motorcycle owner acquire passenger insurance to protect the pillion. However, it is critical that the bike owners listed below acquire this cover.

  • People who live in accident-prone locations
  • Every day, people ride with pillion.
  • People who often travel across large distances

The significance of acquiring passenger coverage in two-wheeler insurance

In the event of an accident, you are obligated to pay for the pillion’s duties in the event of injury or incapacity. As a result, adding a passenger cover to the standard insurance may provide you with more coverage and protection for both you and the guest. The following are some of the drawbacks of purchasing a passenger cover.

  • Provide financial assistance to the passenger’s family in the event that he dies or becomes handicapped as a result of an accident.
  • Cover the passenger’s medical expenses if he is hospitalised.
  • Provides you with piece of mind by assuring you that the passenger is insured and that any injuries sustained by him will be covered.

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It is simple to buy and ride a bike. When riding with a pillion, you must be especially careful since you are responsible for their total safety. With the advantages that a passenger cover offers, it is preferable to get it right away.

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